Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#IDzineChat – Thursday, October 7th, 8pm EST – Consumers, Join Us! – Our Final Chat!

Topic?  - Interior Designers Seek The Best Sources!  An Evening of “High Style” on Twitter!

Interior Designers are constantly sourcing for unique, functional, exciting, and the most current solutions for our interior projects!  Sourcing is a little different than shopping, although we may be making purchases along the way on our various market trips.  Designers do love the opportunity to make great finds, but an important part of our market and design center venture is that we continue be immersed in the collective process of design.  We spend hours/days in seminars as we: earn CEU’s, (continuing education units), attend industry networking events, participate in product education forums, and examine new product introductions, in order to offer the-best-of-the-best to our clients!


(Showplace is just one of the many High Point Market buildings.  It, alone, has over 67,000 sq. ft. of showroom space.  The market, in total, covers 11.5 million square feet (1 km²) of showroom venues, encompassed in about 190 buildings throughout the High Point area.  That’s a lot of pavement to travel, in just one week!)

The High Point Market, originating in 1921, will officially open the doors, again, for it’s biannual show, October 16th – 21st.  Interior designers, retailers, reps, manufacturers, and industry leaders, (from all over the world), will bring a sense of excitement and activity to this small, southern town.  (Which, by the way, is home to the only Bentley dealership in North Carolina!) 

(Cutting edge design is always found at Maison et Objet!)

Of course, the High Point Market is only one of the many venues for the design trade . . . it just happens to be on our current radar, as the Las Vegas Furniture Market will not be until January, 2011, as well as the pièce de résistance, the Maison et Objet, in Paris!

If you are a consumer, and would love to live vicariously through an interior designer’s journey, as they:

- Share their favorite design market venues.

- Post about their most memorable or exciting finds.

- Their favorite furniture manufacturers and design styles.

- Describe or show photos of their favorite showrooms.

- And ~ Share the gift of their time and expertise, please join us on Thursday, October 7th, at 8pm EST, for an evening of High Style!

One of our special hosts will be Anishka Clarke, a New York-based interior designer.  We are so excited to have her with us and will share more about her, in an update to this post.

Save the date!  It will be an evening of elegance!

PS – To learn more about how to participate, read this previous post.

A Side Note:  Thank you to everyone who have supported our #IDZineChat on Twitter.  It’s time to let this chat go the way of the crowd and we’ve had more designers interested in different types of chats.  If you are a consumer, please still watch what interior designers have to say as they impart a lot of great information about how to make your homes a most special place!  Most will use the hashtag, #interiordesign, when they post relevant comments.  You can watch for those hashtags to read more.